What are the possibilities to protect oneself against an infection of COVID-19 and what can I do so that in case of an infection I get only a mild course if possible?

First, of course, the most important measures are to wear a mask to prevent the virus particles from entering the air in large quantities. Even if you are actually infected, it is probably better for the course of the disease to have ingested only a few virus particles.

The second most important measure is to keep a safe distance of at least 1.5m from others, if possible, and to regularly disinfect your hands with a suitable disinfectant (suitable for COVID-19, not all are!).

What else can I do to protect my immune system?

In the meantime, there is scientific evidence, i.e. scientific studies have been carried out and the experience gained in the last few months has been evaluated and, in summary, it has been concluded that it is essential to strengthen the immune system with the measures mentioned below. In general, there has been an enormous increase in knowledge about the functioning of the immune system as a result of the pandemic.

According to the data currently available, the following measures make it less likely that one will become infected with COVID-19 or that the course will be more favorable:

  1. Keeping Vitamin D levels high by taking enough vitamin D, e.g., 2000 to 4000 IU per day or at least 20,000 IU once a week.
  2. Vitamin C, e.g. 500 milligrams twice a day (can be increased to 2 x 1000mg)
  3. Quercetin, a freely available antioxidant, 250-500mg daily
  4. ACC (syn. N-acetyl-cysteine, known as an expectorant) 2 x 600mg daily
  5. Sleep at least 7 hours a day! Yes, enough sleep strengthens the immune system or not enough sleep makes it much more susceptible to infections!
  6. Zinc, 40mg -50mg per day (measured by the available elemental zinc), temporarily it may be more!
  7. Important in case of illness: Do not lower fever, if it is justifiable according to the patient’s condition, until 39.5°C, at least not immediately. There are studies that have clearly shown that certain immune-strengthening factors (“interleukins”) are present in the body at fever up to tenfold increased, which play an essential role especially in the COVID-19 disease to prevent a severe course.

What else can I do if I am a high-risk patient and have had close contact with a positive patient, or if I am a high-risk patient and have even contracted COVID-19 acutely or have a severe course?

In the meantime, there are indications or scientific evidence that the anti-parasite drug IVERMECTIN is effective, both in prophylaxis, i.e. that one does not get COVID-19 after contact, and in therapy to shorten and mitigate the course. Leading scientists from all over the world report convincing results. If you are interested, please ask us in our practice, as it is currently a so-called off-label use (not supported by guidelines). In principle, however, ivermectin is a very commonly used drug against parasites in the WORLD, is safe and has few side effects. 
I* recommend the FLCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) protocol in these cases.


 (Please note that we assume no liability for the recommendation and each case must be discussed individually with your primary care physician).

*Private opinion of Dr. v. Plehn